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If it is time to remodel your bathroom and you aren’t quite sure where to begin, let bathroom remodeling expert MasterCraft Kitchen & Bath guide you through the process. With years of experience, focused attention to detail, quality materials, and superior workmanship, we know how to remodel your existing bathroom into a bathroom that exceeds your expectations.

Whether you’re looking for a spa-like bathroom, a bathroom with all of the latest upgrades and materials, or just a simple bathroom remodel that is 100% leak proof and mold proof, for quality and excellence MasterCraft Kitchen & Bath is the right choice.


We can install/replace any specific tub and tub door

Baths have become so much more than a quiet space to soak or wash the kids and pets. They still do all that. But now you also can choose from unique experiences that move water, air and sound over your body. Special features like a heated back or color therapy let you personalize your bath even more. The following guide will take you through these and other considerations to help you discover the bath best suited to you and your home.

Bathtubs have personalities. Freestanding and clawfoot types will boldly occupy a favored position in the bathroom. Alcove, drop-in and corner tubs often are nestled against walls and integrated into the overall scheme. MasterCraft can design your new bathroom around what type of tub you’re envisioning.

Different types of baths are defined and designed by how they can be installed. For example, the exterior of a drop-in bath is unfinished because it will be hidden by a stone or tile surround, whereas a freestanding bath is finished on all sides and can be installed anywhere in the room.

A bath designed for drop-in installation has a self-rimming edge that rests on the deck material–such as tile or stone–that surrounds your whirlpool or bathtub. Kits are available to use your drop-in bath in an under-mount installation. 

Browse drop-in baths.

An alcove is a recessed nook or area within a room. Designed for three-wall alcove installations, this bath type option typically features unfinished exteriors and tile flanges on three sides. Many of these fixtures include an integral apron, the finished front of the bathtub, to complete the design.

Browse alcove baths.

Creating a clean, contemporary look, under-mount installation is perfect for designing a separate, personalized bathing space. The bath is mounted beneath your choice of deck material, such as tile, solid surface or natural stone. Most under-mount baths can accommodate a drop-in installation. 

Browse under-mount baths.

Creating a clean, contemporary look, under-mount installation is perfect for designing a separate, personalized bathing space. The bath is mounted beneath your choice of deck material, such as tile, solid surface or natural stone. Most under-mount baths can accommodate a drop-in installation. 

Browse under-mount baths.

A corner bath is usually five-sided, with a clover-shaped bathing well, and is designed to accommodate two bathers at once. 

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MasterCraft is an ADA Certified Remodeler and we are able to design a bathroom with a tub to accommodate bathers who may not be able to step over a standard bathtub threshold, walk-in bathtubs have a side door or a door that opens so bathers don’t need to step over the bath wall.

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We can install/replace any specific sink and faucet
The type of sink installation you choose is the first step toward choosing the overarching look and feel of the styling space. Installations range from those designed to blend into the larger design to those that stand out and capture attention. Each installation type has unique considerations.
  • Ideal for a small space or powder room
  • Features a generous bowl size and ample deck space for hand soap and grooming essentials
  • Narrow base saves floor space
  • 24”, 27” and 30” deck height options available

Browse pedestal bathroom sinks.

  • Offers easy wheelchair access
  • Mounts to the wall with metal brackets
  • Many models are available with a shroud to hide pipes

Browse wall-mount bathroom sinks.

  • Rests on top of the counter
  • A popular choice for powder rooms
  • Shallow basin sinks accentuate the movement of water

Browse vessel & shallow-basin bathroom sinks.

  • Mounts beneath the counter to create a seamless counter-to-bowl transition
  • Ideal for those replacing a countertop
  • Easy-to-clean from counter to bowl
  • Some under-mount sinks may be installed as drop-in

Browse under-mount bathroom sinks.

  • Features a lip that sits on the countertop
  • Ideal for remodeling, drop-in sinks can easily be retrofitted into your existing counter
  • Some drop-in bathroom sinks may also be installed as under-mount

Browse drop-in bathroom sinks.

If your bathroom or en suite has limited space, but you would still like some vanity cabinets below your sink for storage, then a semirecessed option might be the solution you need.

Washplane sinks, often spotted in sleek hotels and restaurant bathrooms, are the simplest of the options. They’re slim, streamlined and stylish.

Many off-the-shelf vanity cabinets that can be purchased from bathroom supply stores offer an all-in-one countertop with a sink that sits on top. With this style, the sink itself is actually molded as part of the countertop. It can be made from various materials, such as porcelain or acrylic.



We can install/replace any specific toilet
Choosing a toilet requires a bit of consideration and decision-making upfront. The following guide will help you discover the toilet best suited to you and your home. As you choose your toilet, you will want to consider a few details that will have an impact on the overall space as well as ease of use and cleaning. From the footprint to the position of the flush handle, the small details will create the experience you’ll have.

Types of toilets

This is the most common type of toilet installed in residential settings, and it offers great value. A separate tank and bowl are assembled together to create the full toilet. KOHLER two-piece toilets usually require a separately sold seat.

Browse two-piece toilets.

A one-piece toilet is crafted from one single piece of ceramic, so the bowl and tank are integrated. This eliminates the seam between the bowl and tank, making it easier to keep clean. KOHLER one-piece toilets typically come with a seat.

Browse one-piece toilets.

From heated seats and warm-water cleansing to automated flushing and more, intelligent toilets help redefine one of life’s most basic rituals.

Leading-Edge Design
Intelligent toilets features an innovative tankless design that makes a stunning style statement.

From heated seats and warm-water bidet functionality to automated flushing and more, intelligent toilets help redefine one of life’s most basic rituals.

Adjustable Settings
Temperature, cleansing settings and more can be controlled with an intuitive touch-screen remote.

Browse intelligent toilets.

Ideal for bathrooms with a limited footprint, a wall-hung toilet features a sleek, easy-to-clean design. With a hidden in-wall tank, only the bowl and flush plate are mounted to the wall, resulting in a streamlined profile that saves up to 12″ of space over floor-mount models and simplifies cleaning.

Browse wall-hung toilets.

Bowl Shapes

Bowl shapes have varying lengths. Knowing what the shape of your toilet bowl is – round, elongated or compact elongated – will be important when you choose a coordinating seat. Round bowls are usually space-saving while elongated offer more comfort for adults.
  • Fits most residential spaces
  • Provides added room and comfort for seating

Browse elongated toilets.

  • Offers the comfort of an elongated bowl in a round-front toilet footprint
  • Saves up to 10 percent more space than an elongated bowl

Browse compact elongated toilets.

  • Requires less space
  • A good solution for small spaces

Browse round-front toilets.

Seat Heights

Toilet height is measured from the floor to the top of the seat. Heights vary enough to be noticeable. Most often, they fall somewhere between 15” and 19”, with standard toilets coming in under 17”. However, chair height toilets, what Kohler refers to as Comfort Height® toilets, measure 17” or more.
  • Ideal for people of average or smaller stature
  • Low-profile

Browse standard height toilets.

  • Sits at chair height–approximately two inches higher than standard-height toilets
  • Makes standing and sitting easier
  • Many are ADA-compliant when installed per applicable guidelines
  • Comfort Height® is the Kohler term for chair-height toilets

Browse Comfort Height toilets.

  • Wall-hung toilets can be positioned at a custom height from 15-3/8″ to 28-1/2″ to accommodate a range of statures
  • Raised bowl allows cleaning underneath

Browse custom height toilets.

Toilet Trapways

The trapway carries waste from the bowl to the piping that leads to your sewer line. Toilets with fully glazed trapways help eliminate clogging. The S-shape of the trapway can be exposed, concealed or completely hidden with a skirted design.

Offers an easy-to-clean uniform toilet base from front to back. No bolts are exposed with a skirted toilet, and many models don’t require drilling, caulk or special tools to install.

Browse skirted trapway toilets.

Features a smooth trapway surface that’s easy to wipe clean. Low-profile bolt caps replace traditional raised caps for a smooth, easy-to-clean surface on toilets with concealed trapways. Clean Caps™ is the term Kohler uses for these low-profile bolt caps.

Browse concealed trapway toilets.

Traditionally designed, exposed trapways can be seen from the side of the toilet. Exposed trapway toilets are fitted with standard caps to cover the bolts that attach the toilet to the floor. 

Browse exposed trapway toilets.

Toilet Flush Handle Locations

The flush handle location is part of the overall design of the toilet. It can be located as a pull lever or push button on top, as a swing lever on the side or front, as a hidden sensor, or on the wall as a push plate or remote control. You’ll also want to be sure that you have easy access to the handle once the toilet is installed.

Single-flush toilets typically have a flush lever on the left or right side of the toilet.

Browse toilets with left flush handles.

Browse toilets with right flush handles.

In general, top flush toilets are dual-flush and feature a small button for a water-saving light-waste flush and a larger button for a full flush.

Browse toilets with top flush buttons.
Touchless toilet technology is available pre-installed on some models or as an easy-to-install kit that fits most toilets.

Browse toilets with touchless flush.
Wall-hung toilets can only be flushed using wall-mounted dual-flush plates, which feature a small button for a water-saving light-waste flush and a larger button for a full flush.

Browse toilets with wall flush.

Intelligent toilets feature automatic flushing as well as a touch-screen remote that can also control flushing.

Browse toilets with remote flush.


We can install/replace toilet, shower/tub faucet, vanity faucet, tub, shower base, pedestal sink
Will the plumbing need to be upgraded or relocated? Do you prefer to take showers or baths? Does the water in your tub or sink drain slowly? MasterCraft will recommend the rough plumbing changes needed to bring your home up to today’s plumbing codes and needs.


We can install/replace new line, GFCI, outlet, switch, jetted tub, heated floor, lights, and fan
MasterCraft can handle all aspects of your lighting and electrical needs. Everything from a service upgrade, to additional lighting over a shower, bath or vanity. Updating outlets with GFCI protected outlets, modern Decora switches & dimmers, as well as stylish new light fixtures.


We can install ceramic, marble, porcelain, granite tile and more

Porcelain tile is the best of all worlds for bathroom flooring–waterproof, stylish, and cost-effective.

Vinyl is the most popular choice for bathroom flooring for several reasons. Vinyl is very much a do-it-yourself job (you can install vinyl tiles in a weekend, easily). Plus there are thousands of style options. It comes as sheet, plank, or tile.

Engineered wood has a plywood base that holds up well against moisture. And it looks terrific because the top layer is real wood.

Laminate flooring is no more than resin-impregnated paper atop a wood chip base. The surface of laminate plank is actually a photograph of oak, cherry, slate, marble, or any other wood or stone.

Granite, marble, marble tumbled, limestone tumbled, travertine, mosaic, and slate.


We can install/replace any specific size window or skylight


We can install/replace recessed LED high hat lights or wall mounted vanity light fixtures

Paint/wall covering

We can install drywall and prepare for paint, wall paper, wainscot, bead board, and tile