Bring The Holidays Into Your Home With Beautiful Green!

Green brings a little something different to your home. One of the most versatile colors, green goes well in a cozy bedroom or kitchen in darker shades, or in a modern office or bathroom! Curious about how Master Craft Kitchen & Bath can help you bring this evergreen color into your home in time for the holidays? 

Your kitchen is the heart of the home and that's especially true in the holiday season. With a new green coat of paint on your walls or new green cabinets you'll be ready to decorate with evergreen garlands, pointsettas, and berries. Using these white and green decorations will make your green kitchen pop!
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In the bathroom, in the mudroom, in the kitchen - wherever you have cabinets, a deep emerald green will be sure to make the room pop! Pair with light colored floors, bright hardware, and warm lighting to instantly make your space cozy with our custom woodwork!
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Certain shades of green tile, paint, or cabinets in your bathroom can make your space feel like a tropical oasis. Green is reminiscent of deep foliage, leaves, calming rain showers, and also popular in vintage looks of days gone by!
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