Kitchen Countertop Pros and Cons

You’ve done your research, set a budget, called the expert designers of MasterCraft, and your kitchen renovation is well under way. Soon it’ll be time to add the details like countertops, but how do you choose the countertop that’s right for you?


Consistently the most popular countertop in the last few years. Granite has become much more affordable with increased supply, demand, and with the development of engineered stone manufacturing.

Pros: Granite is unique and durable.  This countertop material is resistant to heat, water, and cuts. It’s also low maintenance and comes in a large variety of colors.

ConsGranite is heavy, meaning that installation is best left to professionals – a nonissue when you’re already knee-deep in a kitchen renovation. Just because granite’s price has decreased it doesn’t mean it’s still the cheapest option on the market, but many swear by their investment.

granite countertop samples


Unique but also extremely expensive, marble is more often seen as accent counters due to its expense – such as on kitchen islands or accent sections.

marble countertop

Pros: Marble is a waterproof & heatproof stone with unique veins and patterns. Installing marble countertops in your home will raise your real estate value guaranteed.

Cons: Marble is easy to stain unless sealed and there’s the obvious problem of the cost. Marble isn’t the most scratch-proof option for countertops and is easily scratched.


An engineered stone countertop, quartz is a better performing alternative to granite and marble and a favorite for modern kitchen designs due to its sleek, seamless look and uniform colors.

Pros: Quartz is easy to maintain, resists heat and acid, can be customized, and has no imperfections. This material is sturdy against hot pans, sharp knives, and stains.

Cons: The only caution with quartz other than cost – the quartzite can be ‘hard’ or ‘soft, so check with your supplier to make sure you get the most durable material and the best value.

Quartz countertop

Wood or Butcher Block

Wood on your countertops? This unique and uncommon choice for countertops adds a classic bodega look to any kitchen and works great in both rustic, traditional, kitchens and modern designs.

Wood countertop

Pros: Wood is easy to clean and long lasting when cared for properly. It can also be sanded and resealed when needed to avoid stains and scratches. If you’re not afraid of a few beauty marks and are looking for a natural option, this is it!

Cons: If you don’t plan on sealing frequently, your butcher block won’t fare well against water and heat. That being said, if you don’t mind character scratches, dents, and stains then you have nothing to worry about! Remember, picking a countertop should align to your habits just as much as your tastes.