3 Reasons Why You Should Add Amazing Arched Openings to Your Home

arched opening

When it comes to having work done on your kitchen and bathroom, sometimes thinking outside the box is the way to go. When looking at your entrance way, you want to be able to make a statement to all who walk through it. It might seem like an irrelevant fixture in the grand scheme of things, but a unique entrance way is an attention grabbing component to your home that is hard to ignore. Our suggestion to up your home’s style this year? The growing trend that is arched openings. Curious as to why we suggest this approach? Here are just a few of the benefits that come with arched openings.

Adds Depth to room

Perhaps you have been considering expanding your kitchen and/or bath. There is just one issue. It costs a little bit to open up a room like that. One of the perks that comes with an arched opening is the fixture’s innate ability to add a level of depth to a room that other fixtures simply cannot. It can make any room feel like it is bigger than it actually is. While it may be an optical illusion, you and your guests will notice a difference in your room’s size when adding this to your home.

Provides a look of luxury

The incredible appeal of arched openings stems from the gravity it holds upon whatever room they are placed in. You do not need to add extensive fixtures and furniture to create this look, as the sheer impact of an arched opening will elevate your kitchen and bathroom with ease. From the jump you will notice a different tone of these rooms.

Increases home value

Oftentimes, the reason why homeowners opt for a remodel or new addition is to reap the immediate benefits. From having a function fixture to simply enjoying a fresh look, it is hard to ignore the here and now pros that come with projects. But it is also important to think down the line too, as you never know when you might decide to sell your home. If you choose to do so, your home’s value will greatly appreciate due to this stunning fixture that buyers and realtors will love to see.

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