Framed vs. Frameless Shower Doors

Would you believe that the shower’s enclosure is often one of the last things people consider with their remodel? Their primary focus is on the wall colors, tiles, cabinets, and even the toilet type they want. Unless the area is making a considerable transformation, such as having a brand new shower installed after taking out the bathtub, it’s whatever fits nicely in the spot. The most significant difference people pay attention to is whether the shower is a walk-in without a door or the standard shower that needs a door to keep in the water. When it comes to shower doors, there are two options: the framed door and the frameless door. Here are a few benefits of both to help you determine which is better for your bathroom design!

The Framed Glass Door

The biggest difference between these two doors is one has a frame that goes around the edges of the glass. Some pros are:

Frameless Shower Doors

● Flexible Designs: The frame helps keep the shower structure in place no matter what kind of design you have. This includes adding a frame to a built-in bathtub so you’ll never have to fight with shower curtains again. The glass can make up three out of the four walls or just one. No matter where your shower is located in the bathroom, a framed shower door can be there too.

● Provides Stability: Having a larger piece of glass repeatedly being used can be a little concerning. While the door is made from stronger glass, that is more resistant to breaking, the aluminum frame will add more strength to the glass door.

● Keeps In More Water: If you’re worried about water getting outside of your shower, at all, then having a metal frame will help. Many designs will leave the top of the door exposed, but the sides and the bottom will be covered. 

● Cost-Effective: The frame can be easier to install because there’s more space. While the glass is strong, it’s slightly thinner to fit comfortably in the aluminum framing, which means you won’t be paying as much for the material or the cost of the frame.

The Frameless Glass Door

Unlike the framed glass door, frameless doors are often used more because of their sleek, almost invisible look. Some pros are:

● Makes The Room Look Bigger: The aluminum frame can weigh down the door’s look and feel. Frameless shower doors are almost invisible if you’re using clear glass. Even some frosted glass can create the same effect. This helps visually elongate the room, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms.

● Can Fit Any Design: With the exception of what’s holding the glass to the wall and the handle, there’s nothing on the door to indicate a particular style. This means that no matter how the rest of your bathroom is set up, whether it’s modern, a spa retreat, a more classical feel, or something in between your frameless shower will fit in perfectly! The focus will be on the rest of your bathroom, not just the shower.

Frameless Shower Doors

● Easier To Clean: Frameless showers are straightforward to clean. There are no tracks to work around, and there’s no chance water can get caught in the frame. You can clean it with a glass cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner for the entire bathroom.

Which one of these doors sounds better to you? At MasterCraft we specialize in custom shower doors to fit any design. Contact us today for more information!